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Dance is a universal language with benefits to both the mind and body. Dance will promote and nurture a child’s creativity and social development, while the physical development of balance, agility, coordination, strength and flexibility are achieved.


Students will develop an appreciation for teamwork as performances require individuals to sing in harmony under the direction of a conductor. Children will also appreciate great music while developing self-discipline and improved memory through staged performances for their peers and teachers.

Track & Field

Track & Field has tremendous health benefits for participants. Most sports have certain limitations as to the number of players on a team at any one time, there are no such restrictions in Track & Field. Anyone can do running, jumping & throwing while competing in a fun filled program for every skill level.


Soccer is considered “the beautiful game” because children worldwide participate without limitation. This program will focus on learning the drills that develop confidence and skill of the student while demonstrating techniques learned through friendly competition. Soccer drills provide physical exercise to improve cardiovascular performance and build endurance.

Golf Club

Our CN Future Links Grassroots Golf program in association with Angus Glen Golf Club will teach students the 7 values of holistic development and discipline taught through golfing techniques. Participants will study and practice the fundamentals of golf, to build confidence and improve skillset.


Badminton can be played by everyone, regardless of age or skillset and provides a great aerobic exercise. Children are naturally drawn to the game and will practice techniques that enable them to enjoy competing with peers. Flexibility, strength, hand-eye coordination and muscular endurance are just a few of the health benefits of playing Badminton.

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