Brentway Academy offers a combination of the A Beka Program and the Ontario Curriculum. The following is a brief description of the subjects taught from Kindergarten to Grade 8.


The strands for English are Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, and Media Literacy. The program in all grades is designed to develop a range of essential skills in these four interrelated areas, built on a solid foundation of knowledge of the conventions of standard English and incorporating the use of analytical, critical, and metacognitive thinking skills.


The expectations for mathematics are organized into five strands: Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management and Probability.

Social Studies

The expectations for social studies are organized into two strands: Heritage and Citizenship, and Canada and World Connections.

Science and Technology

The expectations for science are organized into four strands : Life Systems, Structures and Mechanism, Matter and Energy, Earth and Space Systems


The expectations for French as a Second Language are organized into three strands that correspond to the three main areas of language use: oral communication; reading; and writing.

Physical Education

The expectations for Health and Physical Education are organized into three strands: Active Living, Movement Competence and Healthy Living.


The expectation for music is that students will demonstrate their appreciation and enjoyment for the subject. Keyboarding skills are taught at grade levels JK, SK, 1 and 2. Grades 3 to 8 are taught a variety of music theory, practical and music history.


The expectations in the arts curriculum are organized into four strands – Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts. The knowledge and skills described in the expectations in these four strands will enable students to create, understand, respond to, and appreciate a range of works in the arts.



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